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Invercargill: The World’s Southernmost…

Published on 10 September 2021

4 minute read

Invercargill: The World’s Southernmost… Image

There’s one word you’ll see a lot in Invercargill; southernmost. As the urban centre of Southland, Invercargill is further South than any city in New Zealand (20,000+ population). Currently at 25th place of most southern settlements in the world, this means you’ll notice that Invercargill has many of the world’s southernmost attractions. And there’s quite a lot of them you can visit during your stay!

Image Credit: Jeremy Pierce

Invercargill’s Coordinates

Even though it’s in the top 25 most southern settlements, Invercargill is only just past the 45th parallel–the point halfway between the equator and the South Pole. Many major cities such as Seattle and Portland in the United States, Paris in France, and Berlin in Germany are above the 45th parallel north. This includes many entire countries such as Canada, Sweden, and the United Kingdom; are all more north than Invercargill is South.

This means even though it’s the southernmost city in New Zealand, Invercargill enjoys a temperate climate. It’s rare to get above 20 degrees and hardly ever falls below freezing. It’s nice and cool year-round!

Home of the Southernmost _________ in the world

Take a walk around town, and you’re bound to find signs claiming to have the “world’s southernmost” item of some kind. While you’re here, if you stop at any of these places know you won’t find it anywhere more down under!

New Zealand Stores

While New Zealand Brands aren’t found anywhere else, Invercargill is still the southernmost location for many of these stores. For supermarkets this includes Countdown and New World. Other chain stores like Mitre 10, Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming, and The Warehouse have their most southern location in Invercargill. For eateries, Hell Pizza and Burgerfuel are most south here, as well as both Super Liquor and Liquorland for drinks.

International Restaurants

We don’t have the world’s southernmost restaurant in Invercargill. But, we do have many international food brands you won’t find further south! These include:

  • Starbucks was on Esk St for a while but is shifted locations due to the city block renewal. It will return when the block renovations are complete but is currently at Wachner Place and in either place, there isn’t one more southern.
  • KFC and McDonalds both have two locations in town, so which one holds the title? Both have a location on Dee Street and Elles Road, with the Elles Road locations being a wee bit further south. Burger King Invercargill is also the chain’s southernmost location.
  • Pizza Hut and Domino’s are the most popular international pizza franchises in NZ, but only Pizza Hut has the world’s southernmost location in Invercargill, with Chile getting the title for Dominos.
  • Subway has more restaurants than any other company in the world, with over 43,000 locations worldwide. Three of them are in Invercargill, making it the most popular international restaurant in the city. The Subway in South City on Martin St is the chain’s furthest south location in the world.

Sights and Activities

There are a few more of the world’s most southernmost things here in Invercargill. The Southland Muslim Association is the world’s most southern mosque. Mobil petrol station in Invercargill as well as NPD have their most southern location in Invercargill. And while Wikipedia claims the Dunedin Aviary is southernmost, it’s forgetting about the aviary in Queen’s Park in Invercargill.

See what else you can find while you’re in town!

There are plenty of the world’s southernmost places and things here in Invercargill and this list is by no means exhaustive. While you’re here, be on the lookout for some other most southernmost places–you’re sure to find a few while you’re out and about!