Winter Closure: The park will be closed from 1st May 2024 - 1st October 2024. We look forward to hosting you when we reopen

Splash Palace

Why we think it's worth a visit

Splash Palace

Recently upgraded with new facilities, Splash Palace in Invercargill is an aquatic centre filled to the brim with water activities. With several pools along with a cafe, classes, and more, it’s easy for travellers of any kind to find something for to do at Splash Palace. There are several pools to choose from depending on what kind of activity you want to do.


The pools are the main attraction for most people coming to Splash Palace. Lifeguards are on duty at the pools for safety.

  • Learner’s Pool. The Learner’s Pool is a separate shallow pool designed for swimming lessons and those learning how to swim. Typically open from noon on Weekends and School Holidays, swimming classes are also taught in the pool during certain hours.
  • Main Pool. At 50m in size, the impressive main pool is used for many functions. The pool is 2m deep and split with a concrete wall. At times it can be split into 8 separate lanes on each side of the wall for training and strong swimmers. Part of the pool is also a diving section that is up to 3.8m deep.
  • Leisure Pool.A massive pool filled with several activities, the Leisure pool is ideal for swimmers who want to play. This pool has a basketball hoop, spray fountains, and a wave pool. It has both stairs and an accessible walk-in entrance into the water.
  • Spa Pool. For adults only, the heated spa pool is another feature of Splash Palace. Adults can relax and enjoy the heated water while overlooking children and swimmers in the nearby leisure pool.

Classes are sometimes held at the pools as well. Some classes offered in the past include exercises using special water resistance equipment, with some classes in shallow water and others in the deep pool.


Another major attraction of Splash palace are the hydroslides. There are three different hydro slides to choose from, including New Zealand’s tallest indoor hydroslide. Two of the slides are body slides at 69m and 79m long respectively, while the third is a 101m long raft slide. The raft slide has options for a single user or tandem raft slide. Anyone hoping to use the slide must be over 120cm tall, with weight limits of 120kg for single rafts and 180 for doubles.

There is an additional cost for using the hydroslides. For adults Swim and Slide pass costs $13.30 for all day pool use with unlimited slides and $11.40 for children, students, or seniors.

Other facilities

Along with water activities, Splash Palace has other facilities as well.

The locker rooms and bathrooms have been updated to include additional privacy including showers in cubicles with latches.

There is also a cafe on the premises with food and drink. There are many snacks including usage rolls, cake slices, and drinks including milk alternatives like oat milk. These are only allowed to be consumed in certain areas.


There are several different pricing options at Splash Palace depending on what activities you plan to use.

Standard prices for swim only range from $4.90 for a single person up to $14.90 for a family of 4. As mentioned above, hydroslides have an additional cost, but do have discounts for families. Classes also have their own fee, $9 for a standard session and $2.90 for the Swim Club.

Splash Palace has several membership and discount tiers to choose from as well. You can see the full list of their pricing structure here.

03-217 7506

56 Elles Road, Georgetown, Invercargill

5:30am - 9pm