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Invercargill Airport and what to expect when flying in

Published on 08 March 2022

3 minute read

Invercargill Airport and what to expect when flying in Image

Invercargill has one of the smallest major airports in the country. The small but friendly location is the southernmost airport in New Zealand (Stewart Island only has an airstrip) but has flights to all other major urban areas in the country. However, as a smaller airport, there are a couple of helpful tips so you can know what to expect when flying in or out of Invercargill Airport (IVC).

Air New Zealand is the only airline

As of 2022, Air New Zealand is the only airline flying to Invercargill. So if you look at other airlines’ websites you won’t find any flights into Invercargill. This means that you have fewer options but can still find good deals on flights for under $100 from Auckland one-way. If you have a low budget and strict travel dates sometimes flying into nearby Dunedin or Queenstown and driving in can be more affordable in rare cases.

Stewart Island Flights also operate out of IVC but they only travel to the airstrip on Stewart Island.

The Invercargill airport is rarely busy

Invercargill has around 60,000 people and the airport has 5 tarmac gates, so it rarely gets busy. The entire airport is also under 3000 square metres. Because of this, you don’t need to allow as much time to arrive before your flight. The airport requires you to check in 30 minutes before a domestic flight but you won’t need to come in much earlier than that to be on time. 

It’s a short distance from town to the airport, with the closest suburb less than 2km away from the parking lot. You can get to most areas of the city limits in less than 15 minutes, including to our park outside of heavy traffic times. 

Long-term parking

There are about 400 parking spots at the airport. Compared to some airports, long-term parking in IVC comes quite cheap. And the longer your stay, the less you pay per day. The first day is $20, the second is $28, the third is $35 and then $5 per day after that. 

Invercargill Airport Facilities

Since the airport isn’t as busy as some of the other urban centres, there are few facilities at IVC. There is a Koru lounge and cafe, as well as a tourist information area. The cafe has light meals, snacks, and a few necessities but you can full meals and more items in town. 

Getting to us from the Invercargill Airport

If you’re flying in to meet family or friends at our park, there are a few ways to reach us. While no council buses go to the airport, there are several companies that can get you to and from the airport. The airport has a page of popular rental vehicles and taxi services

There are also a few bus services that are a good value for large groups. Catch a bus South, for example, can take you to any suburb in Invercargill, and is $20 for one or two people and $5 for each additional.

If you’re taking one of these services, we are Invercargill Holiday Park & Motels on McIvor Road in Waikiwi.